Research and Reports

Since IIPOD’s inception, there have been a variety of studies and regional reports supporting the IIPOD project and the logistics industry in the Dallas area.  Especially noteworthy is the 2006 Urban Land Institute’s Advisory Services Panel Report, titled “Southern Dallas County, Texas,” the North Texas Commission’s report titled “Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex: America’s Global Logistics Center” and 2009′s  “IIPOD Competitive Assessment and Opportunities Study” by TranSystems.

The TranSystems report is available in four parts:

In October of 2012, the Southern Dallas County Infrastructure Analysis, commissioned by the North Central Council of Governments, in partnership with the Cities of Dallas, Lancaster, Wilmer, Hutchins and Ferris, as well as Dallas County was completed.  Information is available on the NCTCOG website.

In addition, from time to time, regional City Councils have been briefed on IIPOD.  The most recent Dallas City Council briefing is available here.