What is IIPOD?

The IIPOD is a public-private partnership serves as a third phase of regional intermodal development (building off of DFW Airport and AllianceTexas). It is a coordinated effort partnering communities and developers and a key driver in making Dallas the nation’s premier logistics and distribution center. The opening of UP’s Dallas Intermodal Terminal in 2005 jump-started the initiative.  IIPOD is a catalyst for Southern Sector investment, job growth and development of sustainable communities, with a goal of increasing the city-wide tax base. [more...]

Recent News

The North Central Texas Council of Governments partnered with the City of Dallas, Dallas County and the Cities of Ferris, Hutchins, Lancaster and Wilmer to conduct an infrastructure analysis of the IIPOD impact area.  This study looked at roads, water, sewer and utilities.  The infrastructure analysis report is available here.

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